Coaching knowledges : understanding the dynamics of sport performance

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Xiros The Power Cycling Concept is a pre-structure indoor cycling program with special indoor cycling bikes. To equip the learners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to utilise different exercises associated with the Life Fitness Synrgy Look around: you probably know someone who is competing in an adult sports league, training for a road race or mud run, or getting in shape for their upcoming college or youth sports teams. As more clients chase performance Through asanas and pranayama we clean the material body from the blockages and correct the imbalance of the energy and psychological structures within us.

The modified Strongman training is the latest trend in the fitness industry. It is a suitable workout for both personal training and group training. Through this workshop you will learn a new way of training which offers opportunities to improve and expand your business. The combination Inspired by the movements of local loggers, he developed an innovative training method to train the entire body.

This training method is based on 4 elements: " Designed to improve movement, Cross Training Concept is a functional group training, small group and personal training 1 on 1 pre-structure program with barbell, dumbbells, mat, step and bodyweight. Strength aerobic and anaerobic training in various combinations will take you off. For all of you seeking a new Intense, focused, efficient, challenging, rewarding, and jam-packed with action from start to finish. Learn the science of high intensity interval training and its application to both fitness and sport.

Take home a variety of short Xiros The Tae Box Concept is a pre-structure cardio-strength program with fighting moves.

Coaching knowledges : understanding the dynamics of sport performance

An interactive workshop where theory meets practical application for exercise professionals who seek to apply an individualized approach, and assess and motivate physically inactive adults suffered from obesity to an active and healthy lifestyle. During this educational course the We shall talk about the importance of group action of muscles in any movement to prevent injury plus the course also covers:.

Stability, balance,stretching exercises for all major This module is 'the missing link' for fitness professionals who want to distinguish themselves by realizing the goals of their clients by drawing up a balanced periodization. You will be introduced to the different components of an efficient training program in combination with external Skip to main content. Home Lifelong Learning Lifelong Learning. Training Provider Name.

About Lifelong Learning. Fitness and Sports Sciences Association.

During the Olympic lifting module, you will learn the basic techniques of the 2 Olympic lifts, namely the snatch and the clean and jerk. Blue Vision Fitness Akademi. Program includes 40 hours of intensive education 12 different pole grips, more than 50 spins and tricks, functional anatomy, group training methodology etc. Kettlebell Performance and Implementation.

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EduFit Ltd. The course is designed to deliver the education and understanding necessary in order to safely instruct clients how to perform fundamental kettlebell exercises safely and effectively.

Online Course - Applied Performance Analysis Techniques in Sport Coaching

Essentials of Healthy Nutrition. Essentials of healthy nutrition teach you the basic principles of healthy nutrition. Studio One Institute of Fitness G. Group training, small group training and personal training "1 on 1" , with special dumbbells adjustable weights. Iron FET is a weight lifting cardio planned program. Essentials of Mental Coaching. Pilates Concept is a pre-structure pilates program with special using more functional movements added to the classical repertoire.

Hedstrom Fitness. The Kettlebell, also called Gyria, is a Russian training tool from the 18th century. Performance and Implementation of Studio Cycling. The aim of this course is to gain an understanding of how to structure and implement a group indoor cycling class to music. General Product Workshop. Life Fitness Atlantic. To equip the learner with an understanding of the range of Life Fitness product within the facility.

Kettlebell Training Workshop. GluckerKolleg GbR.

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Crush Club Instructor Training. This is a scientifically-based course conducted in two 8-hour sessions over the course of two days. Hamile Pilates Pregnant Pilates Workshop. Psychology and Pedagogy in Personal Training.

Lifelong Learning

Krisztina Csurgo. Pilates Reformer Workshop. StretchNDance Fitness. Course Description: - It is a 2 day course 16 hours , we also provide additional coaching and practice sessions post the training with the respective master trainer for 8 hours. This is basically done to ensure that StretchNDance MMA FET is a Fitness program combined from mixed martial arts types, where the battleship moved from cage to GX room, controlled by the beats of music that driven by a sequence of real techniques to give you fit results that you are looking for.

This training has been developed to support the increasing need of fitness professionals to help people develop a good basis for optimal, injury-free and safe exercise and exercise. FET Academy. Hipnotic implements the methodology of stimulating and cleansing our 7 basic chakras through rhythmic belly dancing techniques that were structured by Master Huda Al Bahri. Business Skills for Personal Training.

Keilir - Health Academy. The Business Skills for Personal Training course is an online, continuing professional development course that helps both employed and self-employed fitness professionals gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively plan for, deliver and maintain a fitness business. Life Fitness Cardio Workshop. To equip the learners with the knowledge, and confidence required to deliver safe and effective Cardio workouts utilising Life Fitness Cardio products to a variety of different exerciser groups.

Performance Enhancement Specialist. Suspension Training Workshop. Designed by a US Navy command who, during a mission, was looking for a way to train efficiently without having a fitness facility available, the Suspension Trainer was launched in and soon became very popular with physical - and personal trainers. Small Group Training Experiences.

Corrective Exercise Specialist. Every athlete has a dream. Diabetes Prevention Coaching. Expand Your Impact, Increase Your Income by Coaching Lifestyle-change Strategies to Fight the Diabetes Epidemic Prediabetes and the subsequent development of type 2 diabetes are among the greatest health risks of our time. Certified Nutrition Coach. Effective coaching requires a range of 'knowledges', from the pedagogical to the sociological, physiological and psychological.

In this book teachers, lecturers and coaches from Bath University's 'Team Bath' coaching and teaching faculty look at how various 'knowledges' influence every coach's daily practices. The book will have three sections. The first section will be written by sports scholars who have or are still coaching. Section two will be written by coach educators who are active elite coaches.

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