Cracking Windows Phone, BlackBerry Native Devel.

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Here we are in February, and the BlackBerry Classic remains a no-show. Cellular sells the ancient Curve , again running BlackBerry 7. I can't find the Classic or Passport in the United Kingdom once a BlackBerry stronghold , although they're available for pre-order at sites such as Carphone Warehouse.

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BlackBerry is famous for misjudging its release schedules, with most products shipping well after their promised dates. This could be more of the same.

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But it announced no plans to carry the Passport. On the other hand, the unavailability of these much-hyped devices could indicate that BlackBerry is in worse shape than it's letting on. The reviewers who received prerelease BlackBerry Classic units have not really liked it, calling it a nicely built device whose time has long gone with a confused OS trying to be both the old BlackBerry and the new one.

To be fair, Cnet's unnamed reviewer was kinder. The square-screen Passport model, which was the big conversation piece for BlackBerry last summer, likewise got poor to middling notices from the few reviewers such as the Verge's Dan Seifert who received prerelease loaners from BlackBerry.

BlackBerry 10: How RIM is reaching out to developers

Ironically, the reviews of the Classic and Passport smartphones echoed very much those of the BlackBerry Q10 from 18 months earlier. The issue remains: No matter how nice the hardware may be, the BlackBerry's keyboard orientation and small-screen design make for a poor combination today. It's a problem with the paradigm, not the product model.

In , BlackBerry hoped its all-touchscreen BlackBerry Z10 would lead its users into the modern smartphone era.

BlackBerry Classic and Passport didn't light up reviewers

My review shared that hope , but by then the iPhone and Android were too far entrenched with great devices, and they offered an app selection BlackBerry couldn't and still can't touch. The larger BlackBerry Z30 that debuted in late also went nowhere.

So long, Windows Phone – it was nice knowing you

Meanwhile, the iPhone has further improved. With its smartphones going nowhere and its QNX division's Internet-of-things potential both limited and long-term, BlackBerry has one other area it can leverage: device security. But it's easy to see those companies shutting down BES when the BlackBerry pool gets too small to maintain. If other devices could take advantage of that secure network, BlackBerry would have a real shot at converting companies away from those other MDM platforms. But would Apple or Google do that? They don't have big sales bases in the west.

Android and iOS have the most customers worldwide now, people who pay for apps. Joined: Apr 5, Posts: 26, Yes but you can't Nokia Symbian is dead, nokia has no plans to build further upon it. Dreamora , Jul 31, Joined: Nov 13, Posts: 1, You want to build for 5 environment i will advice you to go learn all the mobile device and do manual porting.

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It's not just how many handsets there are, but how much of a business potential it is for us. For example, the clear winner for most devs is ios.

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  6. Android is very difficult to earn anything from despite huge user numbers due to the fact it is an unlocked platform. You can just download apps and run them and so piracy is the easiest thing in the world. After android, the curve of paying users drops astronomically sharp, in fact there are almost no games for blackberry that are remotely ambitious, plus no central store either.

    Going further down you hit nokia, where the only thing people will buy are ringtones. I do not think Windows mobile will crack it for a few years yet.

    It will be like XBox though, MS will just keep pumping more and more and more cash into it until it works. Once a big company has decided it wants a market share, it will usually get it. Joined: Jul 19, Posts: 32, Eric5h5 , Jul 31, Piracy exists everywhere.

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    On Android its basically trivial as you don't even need to crack a joke DRM to do so. The important factor is always "how tech savy are its platform users" and "how many users does the "non pirating percentage mean in devices" and on both ends of the sticks the iOS wins pretty easily as iOS users normally barely know enough of pcs to start them and use office htere are exceptions but its definitely not the norm for them to be tech savy.

    Innovative Application Development for Mobile Platforms -

    I know more people having already probs syncing their iphone up to itunes than I know people knowing how to jailbreak it or even knowing what jailbreak technically is. Dreamora , Aug 1, Last edited: Aug 2, Dreamora , Aug 2, Joined: Apr 28, Posts: I agree with zine92 or maybe you want to take a lot at another game engine like ShiVa. I think you can port over to palm, iphone, android, pc, mac, and some others.

    Joined: May 31, Posts: Does shiva support Xna?