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Pricing Information Description Monthly pack On demand purchase credits. Fotolia is now Adobe Stock. Bonus - Get started on Adobe Stock with 10 free images. See the asset on Adobe Stock. Add to lightbox Login or Register! Author: Tatsiana Photo reference: Category: People Release: Signed model release held by Fotolia Keywords: ["beauty","bewitchment","blonde","bride","charm","concubine","costume","crown","diadem","dreamy","dress","elegance","elfin","elfish","elvish","enchanted","enchantress","face","faerie","faery","fairy tale","fascinated","girl","glamor","glamour","gown","hetaera","hypnotic","incantation","mesmeric","pishogue","portrait","princess","queen","sibyl","sorceress","sorcery","spell","spellcaster","stagy","teen","theatrical","theurgy","veil","wedding","white magic","witch","witchery","wizard","wizardry"].

See all keywords. Available in JPEG format, this image may be downloaded for all kinds of professional uses and in different resolutions up to 3, x 2, pixels in DPI The author of this picture, Tatsiana also has 9 images featuring the same model and 9 images in the same series. But we have no intention of being so lenient in the case of the spook who runs the Scorpion, a journal that claims to be creating a new elitist doctrine but is actually named after a Nazi publication.

The original Skorpion was a morale-building news propaganda sheet of Hitler's army. A number of fake issues were produced by British intelligence and dropped on 'German' troops from aeroplanes, leading the Hun to fume: 'The Skorpion on the ground is a fake.

Don't touch it! It's poison! One has to be particularly careful when reading articles attributed to 'Dominic Hampshire', a pen name used by a number of writers in the pay of British intelligence and possibly the odd misguided patriot who has had the wool pulled over their eyes. Heritage and Destiny, a forerunner of the Scorpion among many other links, both used the same post box address prior to Walker moving his operation to Germany to further his activities as a mole against the Hansa , was as anti-Christian as its successor and even carried reprinted writing by the socialist pervert Edward Carpenter, who these self-styled 'nationalists' discovered in the publications of the Gay Liberation Front.

However, while allowing themselves to be penetrated by everything from former GLF members to the Crown, Walker and his chums have been singularly unsuccessful at infiltrating Catholic organisations. Walker is part of a particularly sinister cabal who first came together under the auspices of the National Front and have long been engaged in extremely murky activities. Another of the former NF men is Ian Read, who organises security at Walker's public meetings and edits the utterly evil occult journal Chaos International.

While the Royal Society provides a respectable front for the development of 'Chaos Theory' i. Even the security services are embarrassed by Read and they are keeping him at arms length, so that its possible to give a plausible denial of any connection between them and the completely anti-social journal run by this pervert. Another dangerous crank running occult operations on behalf of the Normans is Gerald Suster, founder of the so called Company Of Heaven, an international 'order' influenced by the Thelemic 'philosophy' of Aleister Crowley.

Suster, a hack novelist, believes he is the reincarnation of Houston Stewart Chamberlain, author of Foundations Of The Nineteenth Century, one of the major sources of Nazi ideology.

Chamberlain urged Kaiser Wilhelm II on the path to war and believed Hitler would steer this policy through to success for the 'German' state, although he died in without ever seeing the extent of the disaster he'd willed upon the world. Suster's obsession with this figure is apparent in his non-fiction book Hitler and the Age of Horus. Suster is impatiently waiting for Laurens van der Post to die, leaving the way open for him to move in as both psychic and political 'advisor' to Prince Charles, so that the heir to the throne can put the Crowleyite doctrine of an age ruled by Horus the Egyptian 'god' of war to some practical use.

Then there is the 'anonymous' leader of the Crowleyite Ordo Templi Orientis who supplied journalist John Parker with the following statement: 'By , the international organisation of Ordo Templi Orientis had undoubtedly infiltrated many levels of modern society. The most senior members who had achieved the highest degrees of knowledge were once also known as the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light. They were men and women drawn largely from academic, scientific and political circles or the leading professions.

Today, these people represent the higher echelons of international occultism; they have moved on way above OTO and are members — by invitation only — of a higher order, the ultimate secret society, involving famous names in international politics with members of European royalty among their membership They are the inheritors of an occult order which goes back several hundred years Earl Mountbatten was once a member.

Two very senior European royal figures are said to be among the leading group because of ancestral connections, as was a member of 20 the Reagan administration who was a direct contact between this group and the CIA. The object appears to be to quell the political power and influence of the Vatican.

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The invocation of Mountbatten, who used Laurens van der Post as his psychic 'advisor' long before this 'mystic' began performing the same duties on behalf of the current heir to the throne, gives the game away. Besides, before his death at the hands of a Papal assassination squad, Mountbatten was extremely close to Prince Charles.

Knowing this much, it will not surprise anyone to learn that the entire leadership of the Temple of Set, an offshoot of the 'Church' of Satan, is made up of US Army intelligence personnel. Michael Aquino, head of the cult, is an expert in psychological warfare. Aquino was at one time accused of ritual child abuse but the case, like so many others, was dropped by the courts. The entire programme of those Christians who attempted to expose these scandals was completely flawed.

Forget empress, let's have concubines, says prince - Telegraph

Despite all the effort put in, there was no way a strategy of mass struggle centred on media publicity could work because the very men who rule the world and own the press, are responsible for the evil we must destroy. This is why the revolutionary knight seeks to gather about him an elite force to take direct action against the Legions of the Anti-Christ. Among the more colourful of his disinformation ploys was the claim that the Hun had perfected a chemical process whereby dead bodies could be converted into the raw material for the production of explosives.

This is where British intelligence interrogates suspects and hundreds of individuals die every year in the building as a direct result of the torture they suffer. Although disguised as a publishing operation, Random House is actually the nerve centre of British spydom.

Writing in the Sunday Times on 19 September , espionage expert and Tory MP Rupert Allason aka 'Nigel West' admitted to a few of the connections between the publishing industry and British intelligence: 'Why have so many of Britain s best-known authors led double lives as members of MI5 or the Secret Intelligence Service?

What is it about the subject of espionage that has attracted writers of the calibre of Graham Greene and Somerset Maugham Malcolm Muggeridge, who never concealed his wartime work for SIS, was 21 always more discreet about his secret service activities which extended into the s The prolific Dennis Wheatley's astonishing success was in part based upon support from MI5.

He worked as an agent for the legendary Max Knight The inconvenient truth, particularly unpalatable in Whitehall, is that the overlap between intelligence and publishing has been enormous Indeed, none of the authors cited in the Sunday Times article actually wrote the books that made them famous. This task was assigned to female typists who'd been specially trained for the job, freeing those credited with composing the work to get on with their covert activities. Even today, well known 'writers' such as Julian Barnes and Martin Amis have secretaries who carry out the tedious task of putting pen to paper, while the men get down to the serious business of bombings, assassinations and mass murder.

The star system within literary fiction is carefully stage-managed and used to reward agents for their work. For the time being, the leading position has been awarded to the deceased sniper Bruce Chatwin. When the kidnapping expert Salmon Rushdie threatened to resign to concentrate on literary activities, his controllers arranged for the fatwa to be issued against him and he is now being held as a prisoner, supposedly for his own protection.

Although Rushdie has never written a word in his life, he became mentally unbalanced after snorting too many drugs and began to believe the things written about him in the literary press. The men running Rushdie feared their agent was so deranged he might inadvertently reveal aspects of his covert work to the uninitiated. One of the most sinister operations organised by British intelligence is the entrapment network masterminded by the 'publisher' Peter Owen.

Alongside respectable literary works, Owen uses his imprint to issue books of dubious legality such as Paedophilia: The Radical Case. Any pervert who orders a title such as this is thoroughly investigated and if they are of use to the intelligence service, blackmailed into carrying out what usually amounts to a suicide mission. The handful of child molesters who successful carry off such an assignment and miraculously live, are rewarded by having orphans placed in their custody. American researchers who've suggested that Permindex is a front for Britain's international assassination bureau are pointing their fingers in the right direction, but at the wrong target.

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All Britain's top assassins have international reputations as writers. However, to throw investigators off the scent, British 'publishers' have serviced and funded a vast number of 'conspiracy' books suggesting that the completely 22 insignificant CIA is responsible for numerous assassinations such as that of John F.

Kennedy in Nevertheless, it is a mistake to think that everyone in the media and publishing is working for British intelligence. The security agencies plant enough men in these industries to direct the general slant of news and create a world view that will infect the thinking of their colleagues.

Indeed, many of those doing the best job of promoting the disinformation put about by British intelligence are not aware of whose interests they really serve and as a result, these unconscious agents of the Normans are paid very poorly — if at all — for their highly valued work. Precisely because of this use of freelancers, British intelligence has created a far more effective propaganda network than the Jesuits or the Russians, who have long been inclined to shower ranks and official positions upon those who work for them.

Rama X names first Royal consort in almost a century

Another trick pulled by British intelligence is to allow stories apparently written from rival perspectives into the publications it controls. By putting on a show of neutrality, the newspapers and tv stations that fall within the orbit of the Crown disseminate their propaganda all the more effectively. The Normans also run innumerable red fronts as a means of disseminating their propaganda.

A number of the most successful operations of this type were set up during the Spanish Civil War.

Styles and titles in the Joseon dynasty

Many of them gradually broke free of British control during the Franco era, in some cases achieving virtual autonomy. In one of his more extreme displays of bravado, Malcolm Muggeridge did a television interview with a young man who thought his MI6 controllers were sending him off to assassinate the Spanish dictator.

In fact, the boy in question was being set up as part of a sting operation against former British assets who were no longer accepting instructions from their Norman 'masters'. Although doing time in a Spanish jail is not exactly pleasant, this lad was lucky not to suffer the fate of John Cornford, who was strangled to death by the spies cum 'poets' W. The two key figures in this reformulation of Papist strategy are Father Edmund A.