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Data Acquisition Options There are a wide variety of systems to choose from: Data Loggers Data Logging is the recording of collected data over a period of time. Depending on the application, the data can be temperature measurements , voltages, current, humidity, or other signals of interest. A Data Logger is a self-contained data acquisition system with a built-in processor and pre-defined software embedded in the unit. Data loggers can run as stand-alone devices and are popular because they are portable and easy to use for specific tasks.

All data loggers have local storage to save data and some include SD slots for additional memory. Web-enabled data loggers can be configured and share data over a network. For additional portability, some data loggers are battery-powered. Data Acquisition Devices A data acquisition device USB, Ethernet, PCI, etc contains signal conditioning and an analog to digital converter, but needs to be connected to a computer to function. These devices are very flexible and can be used in many different applications which this makes them a popular choice.

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With different BUS options, and the flexibility to use your preferred software, data acquisition devices offer a customizable solution for your unique application. Data Acquisition Systems Modular data acquisition systems are designed for high-channel count and complex systems that need to integrate and synchronize multiple sensor types. These systems are more complex to integrate and use, but are extremely flexible. Modular systems are the most expensive data acquisition option, but many applications require the features that only a data acquisition system, like PXI, can provide.

Data Acquisition Products Multifunction. Analog Output. At the TU Munich, for example, so-called non-destructive tests of concrete specimens with self-healing properties were carried out with the help of our DAQ software.

Also in many other areas, be it for acoustic emission analysis, ultrasonic measurement or material research, our DAQ software is used. In the automotive sector too, most respected research institutions are among our clients, such as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich or the Paul Scherrer Institute. They feed our data acquisition software with vehicle data and make pressure measurements, monitor ignition processes or check plug contacts for reliability.

Like the automotive industry, the energy sector is undergoing change, which can only be driven by sound future concepts.

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We supply the necessary data acquisition software and data acquisition equipment. In the area of explosive and ballistic systems, safety is the top priority. With our DAQ software, the quality of ammunition can be verified, explosives checked and pressure bomb tests carried out. For this purpose, we have developed our own data acquisition software called BallAX 4 , which records and evaluates the measurement data of firearms, artillery shells and grenades. One of our long-standing customers is armasuisse, the Swiss Federal Office for Armaments.

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The railway is being constantly modernized to bring people quickly and efficiently from A to B and to offer commuters an economic and ecological alternative to the car. Remove barriers and grow while maintaining your bottom line. Get the testing job done right the first time - in the lab, on the track, or in the field.

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The range of Simcenter SCADAS hardware includes handheld solutions, compact and portable mobile units, autonomous smart recorders and high-channel-count laboratory data acquisition systems. The flexibility, performance, and precision of Simcenter SCADAS hardware makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of multi-physics measurement applications. Supporting a large variety of analog and digital transducers, any Simcenter SCADAS hardware is optimally tuned for acoustic, vibration and durability engineering, and is seamlessly integrated with Simcenter Testlab for accelerated test setup and correctly formatted results.

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It represents a secure investment that can easily be extended to the scale of your measurement requirements. Field testing often requires a mobile data acquisition system that records data without a PC.

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Depending on your testing needs, use our intelligent recorder autonomously, as a smart device operated by a wireless tablet, or connected to a PC for in-field and laboratory applications. Enjoy the flexibility and broad noise and vibration testing functionalities of our handheld data acquisition solution. It provides the ideal size, flexibility and measurement performance for optimal mobility that allows instant field diagnostics, and troubleshooting. It comes with a dedicated tablet application that allows non-expert users to easily setup measurements, validate acquired data on the spot, and export it into industry-proven formats.

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Simplify test setups while ensuring data quality and reliability. Our rugged data acquisition unit is designed for high-channel-count measurements in rough testing conditions. The distributed architecture puts signal digitalization close to the sensors, saving cabling costs, improving signal quality, and facilitating faster test setup and results.

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  8. For your most demanding testing jobs, count on our rack-based laboratory data acquisition solution that offers expandable, channel-count independent data acquisition, and highly reliable, high-speed throughput performance. It is optimized for a wide range of applications, such as high-channel-count modal surveys, aircraft ground vibration tests, high-speed throughput or turbine tests. For your field and laboratory testing activities, rely on our compact, multi-channel data acquisition system, designed for a wide range of multi-physics applications.

    It incorporates robustness, reliability and acquisition power into a portable and rugged design.