Energy Law: An Introduction (SpringerBriefs in Law)

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It is also written for students of other disciplines such as geographers, social scientists and engineers. It should also be engaging to those in a variety of professional practices who want an accessible background to and overview of the subject. The text aims to outline the principles and central logic behind energy law.

Therefore, readers from across the world should be able to use it as a guide to thinking about energy law in their own countries. A variety of examples from many different countries are included in the text and while examples and comparisons are mainly from the EU and US, they represent good examples of more advanced and innovative energy law. For those readers who seek further or more in-depth knowledge, this text will only serve as an introduction.

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However, a key focus of the book is to direct the reader where they to look for further information and within the book there are suggested extra readings, the key recommended journals to read and other sources of information based on institutions who publish further material in this area. The aim of the Energy Law: An Introduction is to introduce new readers to the developing area of energy law.

The hope is that it provides an introduction to the legal challenges faced in the energy sector and the potential contribution of energy law to delivering a better world for future generations. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist.

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International Energy Law

International, National and Local Energy Law. Issues in Energy Law. Energy Law Research and Conclusions.


Energy Law

In Stock. The International Law of the Sea. Stewart's Guide to Employment Law 6th Edition. Examples include beach sand, human lungs, bread, gravel, soil, and rock, and engineering applications include packed bed reactors, fiberglass insulation, thermal energy storage systems, electronic cooling, crude oil extraction, and nuclear reactors, and the list goes on. For many of these applications, depending on the flow regime, buoyancy effects can play a role in the heat transfer rates, and many of them comprise a porous medium bounded from above by a fluid layer.

The general framework of this investigation of mixed convection in fluid-superposed porous layers described in this monograph is established. Prior research addresses natural, forced, and mixed convection in porous layers, and heat transfer correlations have been established based on a blend of experimentation and numerical analysis.

Energy Law: An Introduction

N2 - Porous media can be found in many natural systems and engineering applications. AB - Porous media can be found in many natural systems and engineering applications. Mechanical Engineering.

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Abstract Porous media can be found in many natural systems and engineering applications. Fingerprint Convection.

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Mixed Convection. Mixed convection.

Hot Temperature. Engineering Application. Porous Media. Porous materials. Heat Transfer. Nuclear Reactors.