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Think about the divisions of a clock face:. Have you ever asked yourself why a circle is divided into degrees, rather than, say, ?

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Why are there 60 minutes in an hour? Ultimately why is 12 better than 16, even though 16 rides the strength of a Base 2 series?

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Might we be better off in our daily lives using Base 12 rather than Base 10? Some starter topics: the printing press, Penguin crime covers by Romek Marber See Creative Review: Penguin by Illustrators , modularity of typeface glyphs example in Helvetica.

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Where does he win you over? Where are you not won over?

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Clients usually determine project aims. They often act as consultants.

How to Communicate with Graphic Designers

When you think of a successful Canadian organization, chances are their logos spring to mind. CGD certified members of the GDC are skilled at using art and technology to visually communicate ideas.

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  6. While pioneering designers honed their craft on paper by hand, today's designers are at the forefront of technology, using complex computer software and the latest printing techniques to communicate ideas. Email: Elizabeth.

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    Shirrell Jefferson. Telephone: Visit Our Blog. Program Highlights. Industrial Design Industrial Design M. Health Communication Design M.