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Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus. Today is National Voter Registration Day! Great female crime writers. Sayers , her creation Albert Campion, with his manservant Magersfontein Lugg, were highly popular characters in the s and 30s.

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But of course, things are more complicated than they seem. A masterpiece of suspense. Murder, bacchanalia and mayhem staged by Greek majors at a small Vermont college.

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The titular character of this novel—which won both an Edgar and a Macavity Award—is an obese woman in jail for the horrific murder of her mother and sister, and famous for the way she re-molded their bodies after their death and the wax figures she makes compulsively in prison. But when a journalist takes an interest in her story, she finds that not everything is as it seems.

6 African American Women Mystery Writers

This novel begins with a premise worthy of the Romanovs: a woman emerges from a car crash in claiming to be Heather Bethany—a girl who, along with her sister, disappeared in Abbott is one of our greatest contemporary crime writers, and she consistently takes girlhood as her subject—endlessly mysterious and, er, violent as it can be.

One of the biggest—and most surprising—crime books in recent memory, which also opened the floodgates for a host of very unlikeable female characters.

‘Gone Girl’ and the Rise of Crime Novels by Women - The Atlantic

Advertisers: Contact Us. Article continues after advertisement. Her first novel, The Lightness , will be published by William Morrow in Marti MacAlister is a former Chicago cop who has moved to the suburb of Lincoln Prairie, Illinois, following the apparent suicide of her policeman husband.

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  • MacAlister uses urban smarts to solve suburban crimes. Bland wrote several of her novels while working as a cost accountant at Abbott Laboratories.

    by Sue Grafton

    Paula L. Barbara Neely also corrected the absence of female African American writers in the detective genre.

    by Kathy Reichs

    Blanche is a middle-aged maid who works in North Carolina for a white woman who always takes her handbag with her when she leaves the room that is being cleaned. Blanche juggles her job, her child-rearing duties, and her penchant for solving crimes. Grace F. Edwards was born and raised in Harlem and now lives in Brooklyn. Her mysteries feature sometime-sleuth Mali Anderson, a savvy, street-smart student working towards a Ph. Conley could save the world from a major catastrophe. Coleman also introduces information about the African Dogon, an ancient tribe living in Mali, West Africa.

    Glenville Lovell was born in a chattel house on the island of Barbados. He then travelled as a dancer before becoming a writer. Lovell also sets other books in his native Barbados. Formerly a less than successful private eye, Gunner has become an apprentice electrician in a construction company. When two innocent black men are brutally murdered by a white psychotic, the sister of one of the victims seductively persuades Gunner to return to his former profession. Frankie Y.