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If I decide to accept Google's offer to migrate my Nest account to Google Assistant, the part of the Haiku app which integrates the fan and the Nest controls will stop working. For the time being, Google is stating that anything that was designed to integrate with Works With Nest will continue to function, but no new functionality can be added, nor can new devices access the old Works With Nest WWN cloud APIs. There are quite a few products out there that were designed for Works With Nest, which includes Philips Hue smart lights, Chamberlain smart garage doors, and Wemo smart plugs -- all of which I currently have in my house.


That also includes Amazon Alexa -- which seems to be given special dispensation, at least for now. But yes, Google could decide to pull the plug on it at any time, since it has its intelligent speaker product, Google Home, instead. You know what? This stinks.

Loss of interoperability is not exactly what I bargained for when I bought all this Internet of Things IoT crap for my house. IoT was supposed to bring about this wonderful new era of integrated devices in the smart home. Instead, we now have walled gardens of stuff running in their own isolated ecosystems because the hyper-scale cloud vendors, such as Google and Amazon have decided they'd prefer you to have devices that run in their own fiefdoms entirely.

I have no real concerns about my Haiku fans and wall controllers not working. Their integrated sensors work fine, and the apps work fine. And Alexa can still control all my lights, regardless of whether Wemo, Lutron, or Philips make the devices. But that Google can suddenly decide to sunset a cloud API that hundreds of IoT devices have been talking to for less than five years is a bit disturbing.

It means that the idea of mixing and matching products for home automation -- the very premise of what IoT and the smart home was supposed to be -- is a farce.

Google is a bald-faced IoT liar and its Nest pants are on fire | ZDNet

It is a bald-faced lie, and Google's pants are on fire. Everything you need to know about the Internet of Things right now.

In my opinion, Google should be held responsible -- as in, subject to enormous fines for making customers waste their money like this and for misleading their partners for all this time. Yes, I think a class-action lawsuit , as well as antitrust proceedings, should be under consideration if it isn't already being filed as I write this.

They are proven pathological liars when it comes to IoT. Could all of these partner firms update the device firmware on their products so they can now function with Google Assistant instead of the legacy Nest APIs instead? Possibly, but there is no guarantee the devices can accommodate them. There's also all the device and back-end software development that every single one of these companies would have to consider undertaking, as well as the level of effort it would need to make them work, which is no small feat.

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All of this will result in a loss of trust in Google's IoT ecosystem. The second series, set to film and premiere in , will focus on a whodunit storyline involving the cliffhanger of the first series' finale.

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