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Keung and U. Gangopadhyaya, J. Mallow and U. Pappademos, U. Sukhatme and A. Khare, B.

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Mihaila and A. Gangopadhyaya and U. Keung, U. Sukhatme, Q. Wang and T. Panigrahi and U. Khare, R. Musto and A. Kumar and A. Khare and Y. Khare, K. Rasmussen, M. Salerno, M. Samuelsen and A. Gangopadhyaya, C. Harikumar, V. Barakat, M. Odeh and O. Egrifes and R. Panja, R. Dutt and Y. Chargui, L. Chetouani and A. Nedjadi, S. Ait-Tahar and R. Wang, J.

Physics Letters B

Williams, A. Stelbovics, J. Furst and D. Ni, J. Xu and W. Messina and F. Share This Article:. The paper is not in the journal. Go Back HomePage. DOI: Stoian, A.

Rosenfeld, D. Ashkenasi, I. Hertel, N. Bulgakova, E. Surface charging and impulsive ion ejection during ultrashort pulsed laser ablation. Numerical study of a direct current plasma sheath based on kinetic theory. Plasmas , , v. Alex V. Vasenkov and Mark J. KushnerElectron energy distributions and anomalous skin depth effects in high-plasma-density inductively coupled discharges.

E , , 66, No Sveningsson, M. Jo"nsson, O. Nerushev, F. Rohmund, and E. Campbell, Blackbody radiation from resistively heated multiwalled carbon nanotubes during field emission, Appl. Nerushev, R. Morjan, D. Ostrovskii, M. Jonsson, F. Rohmund and E. The temperature dependence of Fe-catalysed growth of carbon nanotubes on silicon substrates.

Physica B: Condensed Matter , , Vol. Rarefaction shock wave: Formation under short pulse laser ablation of solids. E, , Vol. Bulgakova and A. Pulsed laser ablation of solids: Transition from normal vaporization to phase explosion. A , , Vol. Radchenko, and G.

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Radchenko, G. Properties of a Spherical Stratified Gas Discharge.


Sveningsson, R. Morjan, O.

Nerushev, Y. Sato, J. Backstrom, E.

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Campbell, F. A, 73, , Oleg A. Nerushev, Martin Sveningsson, Lena K. Falk, Frank Rohmund, Carbon nanotube films obtained by thermal chemical vapour deposition, J. Belikov, C. Mullen, M. Belikov, M. Molecular Physics 99 7 , Rotational relaxation in CO free jet. Molecular Physics 98 6 Bulgakov, and O. Double layer effects in laser-ablation plasma plumes. E , , Vol. Possibility of rarefaction shock wave under short pulse laser ablation of solids.

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Bulgakov and N. Thermal model of pulsed laser ablation under conditions of generation and heating of plasma absorbing radiation - Quantum Electronics , , Vol. Monte Carlo simulation of electron-beam plasma in a silane-argon mixture - J. D: Appl. Electron swarm parameters in carbon tetrafluoride - J. Abornev, V. Zhukovskaya, O.