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Users can now roll for multiples of a given treasure rating. For example, a user can roll Meager treasure four times all at once. The output will include the gold and any potential relics for each treasure as well as a total amount of gold not including the cost of any relics.

I've added the ability to link to or bookmark individual items generated via a query string.

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This is a great way to send individual items to others, bookmark them yourself, or use them to send a bug report to me with an example. You can print your relics as cards for distributing and managing at the game table. The cards are approximately 2. This is the standard playing and trading card size which can fit into protective trading card sleeves. Fixed Aspects: For Powers of Minor or Major Artifacts, the Fantasy Companion instructs, "Powers which can affect multiple aspects such as boost trait must have a single, fixed aspect chosen during creation.

For example, boost Smarts or boost Spirit applies to a helmet, and boost Strength or boost Vigor applies to Melee Weapons. Pretty sure the PEG site shows July 27th.

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Lord Zeb Jul 27, , am Currently unavailable? Lisa Stevens CEO Jul 28, , am This is probably a typical case where our distributor way underordered on this product and sold out immediately. I expect that they will get it back in soon.

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In this economy, there is an incentive to be conservative on ordering new product, which leads to many such instances. This is probably a typical case where our distributor way underordered on this product and sold out immediately.

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I really want to give Paizo my money and package the purchase with my next monthly shipment , so I'll keep an eye out. Found it: pages Softcover I have it.

here Good supp. Expands on the freebie available over at Pinnacle. BigWeather Jul 5, , pm Arise!

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