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Thanks for looking. Posted 07 April - AM Do you have a site to see the images larger or more of them?

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Posted 07 April - AM nope, sorry. Let me see if I can get a bigger picture. When some come in I can take a closer up picture. Please do, I might be interested. Posted 12 April - PM I have them ordered they should be in soon.

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Posted 24 April - PM Yippy they're here! If it doesn't make your scalp tingle, it isn't hot enough!

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Members 7, posts Location: NE Ohio x1. They look great Life's too short to hate So, lets all eat, drink and feel the heat The brats I can only lust for. Posted 24 April - PM w00t!!! Posted 25 April - AM that's in the 'underwear collection' Just gave me a mental image of a pair of underwear with a big ole bhut on the butt!

Posted 25 April - AM yep great bhutage lol.. Posted 26 April - AM Thanks! The shirt arrived and looks just as it did in the pictures. Also, the quality of the shirt is great, it's not just a white undershirt, its definitely thicker than that LOL Wrennie did a great job with shipping as well. I sent my Paypal payment on April 30th and the shirt arrived on May 3rd, thats some fast shipping.

I can't wait to show off my peppers wearing this shirt. Now when someone tastes a sauce I made and starts sweating, I can laugh and point to the source on the shirt LOL Thanks again Wrennie. Posted 07 May - AM You're welcome! Glad you like it!! I began my career by writing magazine and newspaper articles, often about travel and food in New Mexico, and as I traveled around the state, I stopped at libraries and asked the librarians if they had a file on chile peppers; if they did, I asked to make a copy of it. More often than not they had one and then so did I.

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  • That was a modest beginning for a year project that involved launching two magazines, founding a national trade show, building a huge website, and authoring or co-authoring almost 40 books on chile peppers and spicy foods. This book is the next step in organizing and presenting that knowledge. Taking into account the nomenclature, identification, and growth habits of hundreds of varieties of the most popular chiles grown in the United States, it has been a massive challenge.

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    • My first attempt at doing this was in , when Paul W. For that book we grew out hundreds of varieties of peppers from the USDA seed banks, photographed them, and organized them into a fairly useful guide with one significant drawback: most of the varieties had a USDA number but no cultivar name. Fortunately for chileheads, there was another person out there doing the hands-on, basic research necessary for a book like this: Janie Lamson of Cross Country Nurseries in New Jersey.

      It was Janie and her staff who germinated and grew out all of the most popular garden peppers, all the while assembling the data on plant and pod sizes, colors, and growing habits. All of the varieties selected for this book do have names, and Janie offers the live plants that you can purchase for your own garden at her nursery. Working with and being surrounded by nature was my first hobby, and it eventually turned into my vocation.

      When my family relocated in , I began building a small nursery on a 6-acre field in the front of the property. Within a year, Cross Country Nurseries was born. We grew perennials, ornamental grasses, and ferns, mostly for the landscape trade.

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      In , we grew out nine varieties of chiles. They were easy to grow and I was intrigued by the beautiful fruits the plants produced. In , as we waited in long lines to get into an exhibit about peppers at the Philadelphia Flower Show, I overheard many people passionately talking about peppers. Then the phone calls started. Do you ship? After many prototypes, we found a solution that got plants to their destination with no issues, even after being sent upside down! In , we began shipping varieties of hot chile plants by mail order. I was hooked. The wide diversity of colors, shapes, and sizes fascinated me, and I began photographing all of the varieties.

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      In , my first photos appeared on our website, ChilePlants. In , we discontinued perennials to instead focus solely on peppers. By , we were also shipping tomato plants and in , eggplants. We grow from seeds both purchased commercially and saved on site. We are especially interested in keeping strains from becoming extinct, and love reuniting folks with long-lost favorites.

      ISBN 13: 9781604695885

      Each year we trial new varieties, looking for strong growers and good producers. Our plants are grown on a diet of fish emulsion and seaweed, with beneficial insects for pest control. From April through mid-June, we fill a tractor-trailer weekly with plant shipments, and our walk-in nursery is open from mid-April through May. Peppers continue to fascinate me, and after working with them for so many years I have come to know them well.

      A day in the fields with my camera is a day crouching among pepper plants, getting up close and personal, trying to capture their essence. I hope that my passion for peppers will come across through this guide and inspire you on your own journey to explore and discover these amazing fruits. See All Customer Reviews.

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      USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview The essential guide for pepper enthusiasts! A little spice can really take a meal to the next level—but with so many peppers to choose from, how do you pick one capsicum from another?