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Poised to deliver in the most challenging of situations, Nikon's D is a versatile DX-format DSLR that caters to both still photography and video users. Featuring a Full HD p video recording is supported up to 60 fps, and in-camera time lapse shooting with automatic exposure smoothing is possible for up to 9, consecutive frames.

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In addition to the sheer imaging benefits, the D also incorporates a large 3. Capable of performing in both still and video realms, the D is an all-around shooter that blends sophisticated imaging technologies with refined handling and design. Rounding out its feature-set, the D is also characterized by an apt point AF system, with 15 cross-type points, for quick and accurate focusing in a variety of conditions.

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The 3D Color Matrix Metering II system, which utilizes a 2,pixel RGB sensor, also benefits the focusing capabilities in addition to providing precise exposure metering capabilities. Further realizing a complete imaging solution, a series of Picture Control profiles can be applied to refine the color and tonal handling of imagery. A compact all-in-one lens that's ready for anything. Its versatile 7. You can even get as close as 1. Card wallet.

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Transfer files easily and quickly. Works with all types of cameras, digital and film , as well as binoculars, telescopes, SLR lenses and other optical products. When words fail, photographs can take over.

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Check out our Last In Stock offers and get your hands on these analogue superstars before they're gone for good! Get it in our Shop. In this installment of In the Know, we take a look at the SLR and what makes it a great learning tool for any photographer. Check out more from the shoot with Raffaella in Central Park below. Our long-time LomoAmigo Ruby June and her husband Philip aka "The Maxwells" love working with the young actress Malina Weissman and we've shared some of their series before. This time Ruby had to jump in as a model herself. Shoot with the right prime each time and create your next masterpiece with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System! The invention relates to opto-electronic devices, particularly to devices for imaging a moving target is designed as a collimator, and can be used when checking the products characteristics against specified parameters.

Two movable optical elements: the movable mirror and the prism Peha allow the image of the test object to move across the field of view of the collimator, wherein when rotating the mirror image is shifted in the radial direction, and by rotating prism Peha - a circle, wherein the image reversal occurs on the double angle prism rotation, e. The main disadvantage of the prototype is the presence of circular reversal image of the test object due to application Peha prism, which creates inconvenience during the scan.

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The problem to be solved by the proposed invention is to eliminate the reversal image of the test object, noticeable to the eye, without degrading the image quality. The objective is achieved in that a collimator is used, consisting of a lens, the center of the focal plane of which is the test object is illuminated with the backlight unit and the lens are placed movable and fixed mirrors. The distinguishing features of the present invention from the prototype are the following.

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Thanks to these features improve the conditions and quality control. The essence of the invention is illustrated by drawings presented in Figures Figure 1 - a schematic diagram of a simulator of a moving target. Figure 2 - view picture plane during pumping mirror. Simulator moving target configured as a collimator, has a single housing 1 Figure 1 , wherein the lens 2 is arranged, the movable mirror 3, a stationary mirror 4, a translucent plate 5, the center of which is the test object 6 with a pattern illuminated electric lamp 7.

The plate 5 by the pattern of the test object 6 picture plane 8 is formed at its center with respect to the sighting beam 9 generated field image of 2 bounded by a central zone The movable mirror 3 is fixed on gimbals, consisting of two frames, with two mutually perpendicular pumping axis 11 and 12 Figure 3 located in a plane coinciding with the surface of the movable mirror 3, thereby forming a field of view, limited zones 13 and 14 FIG.

Moving target simulator, and check the part 15 are located on the same axis. Work with mimic a moving target is as follows.

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