Verbal Processes in Children: Progress in Cognitive Development Research

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Research suggests that people with Down syndrome learn better when they can see things illustrated. This finding has been demonstrated across a number of areas of development including the acquisition of language, motor skills and literacy. This suggests that teaching will be more effective when information is presented with the support of pictures, gestures or objects.

Many children with Down syndrome can develop reading abilities in advance of what might be expected for their cognitive and language levels. Reading makes an important contribution to vocabulary and language development for all children and this may be a particular benefit for children with Down syndrome, given their specific language delays.

Stages of Development | Introduction to Psychology

Motor skills develop at a slower rate for children with Down syndrome than for those without. These delays in motor development reduce infants' opportunities for exploring and learning about the world around them and therefore further affect cognitive development. Poor oral motor control may impact the development of language skills. Children with Down syndrome show specific delays in learning to use spoken language relative to their non-verbal understanding. Almost every child will have expressive language that is delayed relative to their language comprehension.


The children experience two types of expressive difficulty - delay in mastering sentence structures and grammar, and specific difficulties in developing clear speech production. The gap between the children's understanding and their ability to express themselves is a cause of much frustration and can sometimes lead to behavior problems. It can also result in the children's cognitive abilities being underestimated.

Language delay also leads to cognitive delay as much human learning is through language and language is internalised for thinking, remembering and self-organisation.

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Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! For some time now, the study of cognitive development has been far and away the most active discipline within developmental psychology. Hence, a series of scholarly books to be devoted to work in cognitive development is especially appropriate at this time.

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The Springer Series in Cognitive Development contains two basic types of books, namely, edited collections of original chapters by several authors, and original volumes written by one author or a small group of authors. The flagship for the Springer Series will be a serial publication of the "advances" type, carrying the subtitle Progress in Cognitive Development Research. Each volume in the Progress sequence will be strongly thematic, in that it will be limited to some well-defined domain of cognitive-developmental research e.

Editors of such collections, upon consultation with the Series Editor, may elect to have their books published either as contributions to the Progress sequence or as separate volumes. All books written by one author or a small group of authors will be published as separate volumes within the series.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBTp)- Laura Tully, Ph.D.

A fairly broad definition of cognitive development is being used in the selection of books for this series. Country of Publication: US Dimensions cm : Help Centre. The datasets are also available as weekly exports. NL EN.

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Brainerd and Michael pressley. Description: XIV, p. Series: Springer series in cognitive development Subject: Children Language.